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  • look, i live! on what? neither childhood nor future grows less... prodigious springs of being swell within my heart.
  • and they who strive to reach this edge are mad, but they who reached are shocked with anguish hard -- now you know why beneath your hand you do not feel the beating of my heart.
  • farewell! thou art too dear for my possessing, and like enough thou know'st thy estimate; the charter of thy worth gives thee releasing; my bonds in thee are all determinate.
  • two friends: a breath of the forest... friends? are people less friends because one has just, at last, found them? twice they promised to come. "between the night and the morning?" beauty would drink of my mind. youth would awhile forget my youth is gone.

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  • if you let sunlight shine onto your skin and look very closely, you’ll find that you’re made out of glitter, stars and gold
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